Three Rivers Mosquito & Vector Control 

Danta Smithjoined the team in 2014.  She started off as a report writer but has since partnered with Mr. Horvath as a business partner, Office Manager, and licensed field technician.  Ms. Smith helped create the first training program for providing “train-the-trainer” materials for the University of Port Harcourt, in River State, Nigeria. (LinkedIn)

TRMVC has since established mosquito control operations for neighborhoods, Cities and Vector Control Districts throughout the Pacific Northwest.  While no job is too small for the company, TRMVC promotes community involvement by providing community-wide integrated mosquito control rather than long lasting residual pesticide applications for adult mosquito barrier treatments as is typically offered by other pest control companies.

Mr. Horvath and Ms. Smith include their teenage boys in helping operate the company, providing support and assistance where pesticide applications are not required.  


Three Rivers Mosquito & Vector Control (TRMVC) is a Veteran Owned and family operated small business.  Our Key Staff include:

Edward Horvath started Vector Control in 1999 and then originally established TRMVC in 2002 as a way to provide vector control services to areas that did not have organized, government operated Vector Control Districts.

Mr. Horvath then went on to establish a mosquito control district north of Orlando, Florida (Seminole County Mosquito Control).  He started to realize that government operated mosquito control operations could potentially be privatized and be more effective and efficient, while reducing the tax burden to the residents.  He continues to provide contracted mosquito and Vector control services, including consulting and control operations in Colorado, while spreading out to the Middle East (Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia), Africa and Asia. (LinkedIn)

Environmentally Responsible and Effective Vector Management