Three Rivers Mosquito and Vector Control  has employed the Western Mosquitofish (Gambusia affinis) in certain areas to lessen mosquito populations and lessen the need of pesticides.

TRMVC previously used local mosquitofish collected in canals, to relocate to areas needing the biological control.  Collecting Mosquitofish within the ditches is extremely time consuming, labor intensive and wastes valuable resources.  In addition, over the last several years, those ditches have been over-fished and polluted with waste.   In order to create a supply of Western Mosquitofish, and ensure they are not contaminated, TRMVC began breeding Gambusia affinis inhouse.  The fish supply from our facility are plentiful, free from pollution and are sterile of evasive plants and other organisms.

  • Mosquitofish can eat more than their weight in mosquito larvae daily.
  • It is not native to the west coast and must only be use in closed system sources.
  • Its temperature range is between 30-108F.
  • Mosquitofish are extremely hardy and can tolerate and thrive in just about any standing water.
  • They bear live young, which are born approx. 1/4 " long and immediately feed on mosquito larvae.
  • Mosquito larvae inhabit the shallows and become easy prey to the mosquitofish.

If you have an area that may benefit from mosquitofish, contact our office.

Mosquitofish (Gambusia affinis)

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