Environmentally Responsible and Effective Vector Management

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While most female mosquitoes need a blood meal in order to lay eggs, some female mosquitoes do not. In fact, some mosquito species do not even take a blood meal at all.

Mosquito Facts and Myths

Many people believe that increasing the bat population will reduce the mosquito population. While bats eat a lot of insects, they do not prefer mosquitoes.  Many studies find that mosquitoes made up only 0.7% of the bat's diet.

Bats are “selective opportunists” when it comes to feeding habits; they will take a variety of prey. Why take a scrawny little mosquito when you can have a fat juicy moth? 

Mosquito Life Cycle

A) To prevent disease transmission.  Worldwide, no other organism is responsible for more human death than the mosquito. One mil lion people die annually from mosquito-transmitted diseases, of which West Nile virus and Encephalitis affect the U.S. population the most.

B) To improve the quality of life. In many parts of the country, summers are very short. It makes sense to minimize the nuisance pests so we can maximize the enjoyment of our outdoor activities.

C) To improve the profit conditions of income producing businesses which may be impacted by high mosquito populations.