• Safe and proper application has and always will be a priority with Three Rivers Mosquito and Vector Control.

  • Environmental concern is also a priority for our customers, whether it is your home, cabin, commercial property, Vector Control District or city.  We understand that you want good results without environmental impact.

  • While there are numerous products available, we choose those which are effective, but safer than cheap alternatives.

  • Many larvicide products are made from naturally occurring bacteria which will only affect mosquito larvae.

  • We have natural pyrethrum products, an extract from the flowers of the chrysanthemum plant.

  • Insecticides face some of the most stringent standards. Industry and government testing procedures are so demanding that it is nearly impossible for these control products to have adverse effects on humans, animals, or plant life.

  • We have taken an active role in mosquito control education, as well as sales and service.  Given the opportunity, we will provide safe, quality products, combined with great service and integrity. We believe this is the best way to build long-term relationships with customers.

  • All technicians are fully licensed by the Department of Agriculture.

  • We maintain $1 million in liability insurance at all times.

  • All products are registered for use by the Environmental Protection Agency.
Photo by Carrie Horvath

Three Rivers Mosquito & Vector Control 

Environmentally Responsible and Effective Vector Management