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Three Rivers Mosquito and Vector Control (TRMVC) is more than a pest control company that offers mosquito and vector control services.  We provide tailored, full-service control programs as well as training, support and materials for in-house programs.  We specialize and are experts in mosquito and vector control. TRMVC is a Pacific Northwest based business and provides services ranging from feasibility studies and reports for the establishment of vector control programs, to evaluations and recommendations for existing programs. 

Why outsource Mosquito Control?

​​A better question should be, why pay for a service not being received?

While working for government agencies, TRMVC's founder realized that mosquito control is expensive for federal, state, county and local agencies, especially where mosquito control is not a year-round effort.  Most of the cost is expended for overhead and off-season busy work.  Why pay for mosquito control when there is a foot of snow on the ground?  When managed properly, an agency can receive more mosquito control services for less money when outsourced when compared to an in-house program.

We started the business in order to provide services to residents and agencies that desire mosquito control for communities that may otherwise not be able to afford it.  We recognize that the costs can be excessive or even prohibitive.

​TRMVC understands the importance and benefits of using the most up-to-date equipment and technology.  While our prices are usually lower than in-house programs, the technology standards we utilize is comparative and exceeds a lot of the million-dollar District and County government programs.

TRMVC takes the high overhead expenses away from our clients and provide effective, efficient, high-end and cost-saving programs.​

How do we do it?

While TRMVC is based in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, we also have control and consultation contracts in Africa and the Middle-East.  TRMVC can spread the overhead costs among multiple clients, saving all of our clients.

Our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs provide you one-stop, full-service management that maximizes your control over mosquitoes and other nuisances.  TRMVC works in compliance with the standards set by the Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program (PESP).

Our professional staff develops and tailors programs based on your specific habitats, environmental sensitivities, and budget. Because TRMVC offers the widest variety of application methods, and utilizes the most innovative technologies to assess and monitor each program, we can achieve the right balance of efficacy with environmental responsibility. Plus we offer the industry's fastest scheduling and response time. No other company can service your needs better.

TRMVC uses nationally accepted methods to control mosquito populations, including surveillance, source reduction, and the application of EPA-registered larvicides and adulticides for enhanced quality of life in any municipality. TRMVC bases its programs on sound science; routine inspections of treatment areas coupled with collections from surveillance traps enable us to determine the presence of West Nile Virus or other mosquito borne diseases, which mosquito species are present, their approximate population density, type of breeding habitats, and locations.

TRMVC employs an IPM approach to scientifically and systematically design customized control programs for each municipality. Every program we design incorporates a combination of computer models, GIS mapping, weather monitoring, and least toxic and most effective biological and chemical controls. TRMVC combines this data with timely reporting to facilitate informed program decisions and critical public education assistance.

Three Rivers Mosquito and Vector Control advocates management of mosquito populations when and where necessary by means of integrated programs designed to benefit or to have minimal adverse effects on people, wildlife, and the environment. This Integrated Pest Management (IPM) policy recognizes that mosquito populations cannot always be eliminated but often must be suppressed to tolerable levels for the well-being of humans, domestic animals, and wild life and that selection of scientifically sound suppression methods must be based on consideration of what is ecologically and economically in the long-term best interest of mankind.

The following principles are advocated:

  • Mosquito control measures should be undertaken only when there is adequate justification based upon surveillance data.

  • IPM programs should be tailored to the needs and requirements of the local situation.  The combination of methods for mosquito control should be chosen after careful consideration of the efficacy, ecological effects, and costs versus benefits of the various options, including public education, legal action, natural and biological control, elimination of breeding sources, and insecticide applications.

  • Mosquito breeding sources, whether natural or created by human activity should be altered in such a manner as to cause the least undesirable impact on the environment.

  • Insecticides and application methods should be used in the most efficient and least hazardous manner, in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations and available scientific data. The registered label requirements for insecticide must be followed. When choices are available among effective insecticides, those offering the least hazard to non-target organisms should be used. Insecticides should be chosen and used in a manner that will minimize the development of resistance in the mosquito population.

  • Personnel involved in IPM programs should be properly trained and supervised, and certified in accordance with relevant laws and regulation, and should keep current with improvements in management techniques through continuing education and/or training programs.

All materials and methods used by TRMVC are based on these principles outlined by the American Mosquito Control Association.

The result? Our clients have everything they need for successful mosquito control.  Our full service surveillance and control programs have proven tremendously successful at municipal, county, and state levels worldwide.

What We Offer

Environmentally Responsible and Effective Vector Management

Mission Statement

The mission of Three Rivers Mosquito and Vector Control (TRMVC) is to provide valuable services to the communities we serve, through suppression of both disease carrying and pestiferous mosquito populations by and through the safest, most environmentally responsible and most economical means available.  

TRMVC utilizes a variety of methods (Integrated Mosquito Management) in a manner consistent with the highest level of safety and least adverse impact on humans, wildlife, the environment, and non-target organisms.  TRMVC insists on providing the most cost savings for our clients, while providing superior services.

TRMVC will persist to improve our products, services, techniques, and technology, while providing our clients the best service and prices possible.  We will support a cause greater than us, to save and enhance lives around the world while remaining a steward of the environment, by providing superior control and consultant services.