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The POA's mosquito control Program is for Common areas and roads only.  We are not contracted to spray everyone's private property.

POA dues do not pay for private spraying on private property.  If you want your private lot sprayed, we will do it, but it is the individual property owners' responsibility.

During the contract meetings and negotiations, residents expressed that they should not pay for private spraying.  We will continue to use private properties to spray areas that mosquitoes may be hiding in and to treat areas for mosquito larvae.  Our goals are to prevent mosquitoes from hatching on the POA property and infesting private property.

If you have questions, please feel free to call or email.

Properties in red are on the No-Spray list

Properties in Yellow have given permission to enter property

Properties in Green Are properties that the HOA dues pay to spray

We will be treating for mosquito larvae on common area property and properties approved by the property owner.  Please fill out approval below if you want to give us access. We will not enter property unless we have approval.  We will be spraying from the streets, common areas and approved properties for adult mosquito control.

Thank you in advance!

Want to report mosquitoes or to grant permission for inspectors to treat for mosquito larvae, fill this form out:


Environmentally Responsible and Effective Vector Management

To be added to the NO SPRAY List,

fill out this form:

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