TRMVC is currently implementing sUAVs (Drones) into our services provided for our clients. 

Staff is licensed IAW FAA Part 107 and uses sUAVs for aerial photography, to locate mosquito sources.  We have applied for and received our FAA Part 137, with the intent to utilize drones to larvicide sources currently inaccessible, in order to reduce the need for adulticide fogging.  As of July 2018, Three Rivers MVC is the first company in the Pacific Northwest to be authorized by the FAA to conduct mosquito control liquid and granular spraying missions, with a small Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle. 

We are currently licensed and applying pesticides by UAV in Washington State.

We are in the process of completing the Oregon Department of Agriculture requirements for aerial applications and hopefully fully implemented soon.  

Our second goal was to implement the granular drone.  We are currently working to modify the granular drone to meet our higher standards. 

We currently are certified and licensed to operate in Washington and in the process of becoming licensed in Oregon.

small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (sUAV)- Drones

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